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If you need assistance with a legal will, probate affairs, or lasting power of attorney, get in touch with the team at Gillian Radford & Co in London. We’re expert probate solicitors, and this means that we can offer everything you need. To find out more about the reasons you should consider our experts, read on!

Why Choose Our Services?

You never know what’s around the corner; an unexpected car accident or a stroke can happen to anyone and it makes sense to prepare for this. Having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place means that someone you know and trust can administer your affairs, if for some reason you are unable to do so yourself. If you are incapacitated, someone else can take over for you and make sure that basic transactions continue, including bills and more.

We’re experienced in will preparation and we can help you to design a document that ensures your wishes are carried out. A well-crafted will saves your loved ones many problems after you are gone. If you were to die intestate (without a will), it may mean that they have to pay significant legal fees just to receive what you wanted them to anyway.

Our team can also help with the financial affairs of someone who has died and help you carry out your duties as executor in relation to the administration of the estate. Probate can be a very complex and time-consuming process, and our experience can reduce the problems faced in reaching the endpoint.

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Our probate solicitors are here to help you with a range of issues, including legal wills.

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